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Arcturian Message

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What is it we should be doing now in these days? For a long time we have been reminded how we are co-creators and as we have risen up to higher levels of consciousness this has been even more evident. Even though we are aware and know this, we still sometimes forget just how we should be behaving.
I Say we because I am noticing this in myself and others I am in contact with. I can only say that what I am thinking is what I will be manifesting for my life right now. Therefore, I do not want to be imagining the shops running out of toilet rolls again or food not being available. When I get pains across my upper back, I do not want to be thinking I am having a Heart attack not at all. If we do this then we are just creating this scenario.
“We are what we Bleat” is the Heading for my next video and that is just what this is about.  Like Sheep, it is so much easier for us to follow the trodden by many pathways, than to make our own Path and leave a trail. It is the path of least resistance as everyone else wants to go that way as it is so, so easy to travel on it. Be like everyone else and don’t stand out or you may be picked on. Some if not most of us have had this in our earlier lives and the Fear of it again can be daunting.
Do not despair as we are all being Watched over by Beings of Light and Love and remembering this will help us to stay in the Light. We need to Keep the Faith now more than ever and whenever we find ourselves slipping into that negative Fear based script. That is the time to catch ourselves and remembering that old adage, “Onwards Upwards sideways and downwards”. We need to catch ourselves, drop those negative thoughts completely and Fill our Hearts with Arcturan Golden Light and Love. First, we need to Breathe that in to Ourselves and as we Breathe out send it Into Our Worlds. That is Our Worlds, the Worlds that we exist in or the different levels of Consciousness that we are living in every second of each day. Next we need to send that Love and Light out into the World itself in order to change the Lies into truth or at least to enable as many to wake up to what is happening as possible. So as to help them radiate Love-Light into Their Worlds.

Out from the Darkness Into the Light
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